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Easily Share to Social Media using Links

Almost all social networks bring widgets, known as buttons or social plugins, with which a user can Share a URL or "Like" a page. The code they provide is based mostly on javascript.

There is an alternative way to share a page using just an html link, without javascript. Why is it useful? Just because they don't use javascript, these links could be used in cases where javascript is not available, as inside mail or RSS. Moreover, there are simple to create and they never cause a page to slow down, something that may happen sometimes with classic buttons. But, they don't have the rich functionality of classic widgets, they can just share a page.

Read this article to see how we can create a custom share link for the major social networks.

Five Reasons to use Debian as a Server

If you choose Linux as the operating system for your server, the next big question is: "Which Linux distro should I use on my Linux server?". Since different servers are intended to perform different tasks, the answer to this question is not easy.

This article refers to ordinary servers, used as web server or database server, used and administered by a professional or a small business company.

Read this article to find out my arguments why Debian should be the first choice for server environment. Also, tell us, which is your favorite Linux distro for server?

Handling Dates with PHP5 in Any Database

Date handling with PHP is a complex task, especially when application users are located in different timezones (all over the world) and they are using different date format.

The problem becomes much more complex, when you want your data to be portable between different databases. Most database engines (except SQLite) offer native data types for date or datetime. So, insert and retrieve dates is not a standardized procedure.

To simplify this situation, I store dates as text in varchar(14) columns. Read this post to find out more.

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