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Debian 9 Stretch RC3 Dedicated Web Server Setup Step by Step. Time for PHP7 and MariaDB

Detailed instructions to create a LAMP server using Debian 9 Stretch RC3. Prepare your server for php7 and MariaDB.

Easily Create a Bootable USB with Multiple ISO Images

A simple guide to create a bootable usb with multiple iso images. Quickly and easily using WinSetupFromUSB.

How To Setup a Workstation Computer With Xubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS Step by Step

Xubuntu desktop is the XFCE Ubuntu flavor. Lightweight, elegant, easy to use and configure for any workstation. Moreover, ideal solution to revive old systems.

How To Setup A Workstation Computer With Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Step by Step

Ubuntu desktop in version 16.04 LTS is a Free and Open Source workstation environment, which can meet the requirements of the vast majority of users.

How To Setup And Configure PhpStorm on Ubuntu

PhpStorm is a excellent php IDE written in Java. This is a guide on how to install it on Ubuntu. Basic configuration.

How To Setup And Configure Google Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04

Google Chrome is free but not Open Source, so it is not pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04 This is a simple guide to setup and configure Google Chrome.

How To Setup And Configure Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04

Mozilla Firefox is installed by default on Ubuntu 16.04 This is a simple guide to configure Firefox (Preferences, Java plugin, Adobe Flash plugin).

How To Setup Java on Ubuntu 16.04

A simple guide to setup Java (Oracle Java or OpenJDK) on Ubuntu 16.04 desktop. Basic configuration.

How To Setup Samba on Ubuntu Workstation

A simple guide to setup samba on Ubuntu Workstation. How to mount samba shares with CIFS.

Manage Your Passwords With KeePass in Linux And Android

How to manage your passwords on Linux (Ubuntu) workstations, Android devices using KeePass. How to sync to make them available anywhere.

Recent tech tips

How To Create A Strong Password Without Having To Remember It

Strong password without having to remember it? Is it possible? Is it safe?

How To Delete or Not Keep a Command in Bash History

How to delete a command in Bash history. Sometimes it is better to not include a secret command in history. See how.

How to Display Grub Menu at Boot Time in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, Grub boot menu is hidden by default. You can display it by pressing "SHIFT" continuously at boot time. This is useful (among other cases) in case you want to boot in Recovery mode. How to make this change permanent?

When to Restart Services or Reboot after Update on Debian or Ubuntu

Use needrestart to determine if some services need restart or system reboot is required after Debian or Ubuntu update

Sanitize User Input Text with PHP

When you prompt user to input text (e.g. username, lastname etc), you may use Regular expressions to sanitize User Input

How to Start Youtube Playlist from Random Video

If you want to start a youtube playlist from random video, just add: &index=random_number to the src attribute of the embed code.

Get basename and file extension with PHP or Javascript

Php has functions to easily get basename and file extension. In some cases using of regular expression is necessary.

Easily Backup Virtualbox disks using Immutable Images

A good solution is to use immutable disks. When a virtual disk marked as immutable, it becomes read-only and differences will be stored in differencing disks

How to check if a Request is an AJAX call with PHP

It is useful to prevent direct access of AJAX calls (from browser address bar). A solution could be the following simple function check_is_ajax()

How to Convert Date or Time to any Timezone and Dateformat with PHP

Date manipulation is a common and useful development task. It was never easy with PHP, until PHP5 and DateTime class. Take a look at date_convert() function