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Check out ClioWP, my Free WordPress Starter Theme for Developers!

If you want to create an advanced Settings Page for your plugin, check out my free WordPress plugin ClioWP Settings Page WordPress Plugin! You can use it as a “boilerplate” to create your own plugin.

If you want to create a Gutenberg plugin, check my free ClioWP Blocks Boilerplate plugin.

It can be the basis for creating your own block-type plugin!

A WordPress Developer should have sufficient knowledge of React to create block-type plugins.

Read my free Guide: React for WordPress Developers!

Themes, Plugins, WordPress REST API, WP_Query, WP CLI, Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, CSS Tricks, Vanilla Javascript, Jquery, Settings API, Coding Standards, and everything you need to become a WordPress Developer!

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How To Debug WordPress

How To Debug WordPress

WordPress Debugging is essential if you are developing a WordPress theme or plugin. The following methodology concerns exclusively your development workstation and never the production server. Enable Errors Logging in…

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MediSign - EHR for Small Medical Practices

EHR for Small Medical Practices

Medical records. Appointments. Electronic invoicing.


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