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How To Add a Mobile Menu in any WordPress Theme

Almost every WordPress theme these days offers users a responsive web design and obviously a mobile menu. But if you are a WordPress developer, you should know how to make a mobile menu in the theme you are making or improving for a client. This is possible with a few lines of CSS and (Vanilla)…

The Need for Web Accessibility to Grow Small, Local Businesses

Small local businesses can prioritize web accessibility. In doing so, they can make sure all website visitors can enjoy extraordinary experiences. A clear understanding of web accessibility is a must for small local businesses. Now, let’s answer some of the biggest questions surrounding web accessibility and how it can help small local businesses grow and thrive.

How To Write JS and CSS in WordPress with Industry Standard Tools

When you create a WordPress Theme or a Plugin, you can write plain Javascript and CSS the old way. But the industry standard today is to use a “build tool”, which creates a single JS (or CSS) file dynamically, which is the only one you have to “include” on every web page (single-page application (SPA)). Fortunately, WordPress offers @wordpress/scripts, a great…

How To Build An App That’s Loved By The Users?

The mobile has become a precious asset in the daily lives of people without which life seems impossible. The astronomical growth in mobile applications is the best evidence of it. That’s why businesses are increasingly trying to catch up mobile app revolution with dedicated mobile app development. However, in the competitive landscape, claiming turf is…

7 Rules for Improving Security in Mobile App Development Projects

Applications are required utmost protection. Unfortunately, IT leaders could not make it possible to create environments that ensure complete application security.  If you are looking for something that could protect your business or application from hackers, then follow these seven rules to stay safe in the long run. Numerous rules are there to follow to…

Technologies That Will Shape the Future of Dentistry

Many disruptive innovations taking place in the medical field will have a massive impact on dentistry also. These technologies will provide an excellent opportunity for dentists to practice their specialty. And the patients can take care of their teeth on their own.  New technologies like genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, smart toothbrushes, and other innovative measures…

How’s Healthcare Industry Adopting the Modern Digital Workplace?

Technology involvement is no more an unusual practice in modern business. Right away from the manufacturing industry to the tourism sector, every business platform is trying to uphold its business continuity, advance operation, and better Return on Investment. The healthcare sector also believes in the same advancement. With modern technologies and advanced software solutions, it…

MediSign - EHR for Small Medical Practices

EHR for Small Medical Practices

Medical records. Appointments. Electronic invoicing.


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