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How To Create Fast And Reliable Backup Using Rsnapshot

rsync is probably the most common solution for backup on Linux. rsnapshot offers advanced functionality, using rsync and perl.

Update Postgres Major Version in Debian Jessie

Upgrading to a minor version is done through the upgrade process of Debian. For major versions, the process is much more complex.

A Simple Guide to Obtain and Install an SSL Certificate

Criteria for selecting the right SSL Certificate. Detailed instructions on how to setup the certificate in a Debian server. Validate your certificate.

Upgrade Debian 7 Wheezy to 8 Jessie

A guide to upgrade a server machine from Debian 7 Wheezy to 8 Jessie using apt-get. Remember to create a full backup before.

Debian 8 Jessie Dedicated Web Server Setup Step by Step

Dedicated server setup, using Debian 8 Jessie step by step. It is a Hetzner EX40 server. Apache, php, MySQL, memcached. Basic monitoring and security tools.

Securing web applications with modsecurity on Debian Wheezy

Simple steps to enable and configure mod-security Apache module on Debian Wheezy, using Core Rule Set (CRS)

How to setup a workstation computer with Debian Wheezy and XFCE4

Debian 7 Wheezy with Xfce4 is a lightweight desktop environment, fast and user friendly. Support for sound, Flash, Nvidia and networking "out of the box".

How to setup OpenVPN on Debian server

Detailed guide to create OpenVPN server on Debian. Manage VPN users. Connect from any operating system.

Gmail smarthost with Exim4 on Debian

Avoid reverse DNS errors when sending mail from a machine without public IP or domain available. Adjust exim4 to use SMARTHOST.

How to Install PostgreSQL 9.3 on Debian 7 Wheezy

How to Install PostgreSQL 9.1 or the latest PostgreSQL version 9.3 on Debian 7 Wheezy. Basic settings after installation.

Recent tech tips

When to Restart Services or Reboot after Update on Debian or Ubuntu

Use needrestart to determine if some services need restart or system reboot is required after Debian or Ubuntu update

Sanitize User Input Text with PHP

When you prompt user to input text (e.g. username, lastname etc), you may use Regular expressions to sanitize User Input

How to Start Youtube Playlist from Random Video

If you want to start a youtube playlist from random video, just add: &index=random_number to the src attribute of the embed code.

Get basename and file extension with PHP or Javascript

Php has functions to easily get basename and file extension. In some cases using of regular expression is necessary.

Easily Backup Virtualbox disks using Immutable Images

A good solution is to use immutable disks. When a virtual disk marked as immutable, it becomes read-only and differences will be stored in differencing disks

How to check if a Request is an AJAX call with PHP

It is useful to prevent direct access of AJAX calls (from browser address bar). A solution could be the following simple function check_is_ajax()

How to Convert Date or Time to any Timezone and Dateformat with PHP

Date manipulation is a common and useful development task. It was never easy with PHP, until PHP5 and DateTime class. Take a look at date_convert() function

Check if a String represents a Valid Timezone with PHP

Sometimes you want to check if a string represents a valid timezone. Using PHP versions greater than 5.2, timezone_identifiers_list() would be a solution.

How to Detect Browser (and browser version) using JavaScript

Browser (and browser version) detection is an "all time classic" development requirement. jQuery.browser WAS an excellent solution, but it was removed

What is the JavaScript Equivalent of print_r in PHP?

What is the JavaScript Equivalent of PHP print_r() function? In other words, how you can print a javascript object in a way that's readable by humans?