Why AngularJS is the Preferred Framework for Software Development

AngularJs framework has gained huge popularity among software developers for creating web applications.

While there are innumerable advantages of using AngularJs, the one that makes it hugely attractive to the developers is that it uses Typescript to create highly responsive Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Google has created this amazing framework that offers a lot of flexibility, scalable infrastructure, and robustness.

It makes the job of the developers a lot easier when they try to create a web application using AngularJS as it’s one of the top web application frameworks.

This client-side framework supports multiple platforms and allows easy decoupling of any application logic from the Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation.

This had made the job of the developers easier in managing front-end development processes.

Furthermore, while there are innumerable plug-ins and frameworks available in the market, AngularJs has become the first choice of any entrepreneur due to multiple reasons.

Some of these reasons I have listed below for your ready reference.

Advanced Features that make AngularJs the Preferred Choice of Entrepreneurs

AngularJs offers several advanced features that offer the developer a lot of leeway in creating web applications.

Some of the advanced features that make AngularJS the top-performing framework in the market include the following.

MVC Framework

The working model of the AngularJs open-source framework is based on the MVC pattern that makes it highly versatile and dynamic.

MVC architecture gives the developer a lot of flexibility in developing a separate client-side application.

The uniqueness of MVC architecture is such that if you develop MVC elements separately, you can later combine them without writing any extra code.

User Interface with HTML

Another great advantage of AngularJs is that its user interface is built on HTML, which is a declarative language and easy to understand.

The HTML interface allows you to regulate the implementation of the application.

This simplifies the development process as you have to just find what you want and the AngularJs framework will create the requisite dependencies.

POJO Model

AngularJs uses the Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO).

This makes the development process more convenient as you do not have to add any additional getter and setter elements to bind the AngularJs with any supplementary data sources.

Another advantage of the POJO model is that it offers spontaneous and well-organized objects.

This makes the AngularJs framework completely self-sufficient and easy to use.

Big Community support

For any developer who is looking for a framework for developing any project, one of the things he/she looks for is good community support.

In this field, AngularJs will not disappoint you.

You need to remember that Google maintains this framework and there are innumerable online forums of AngularJs developers.

If you face any problem while working on a project using the AngularJs framework, you can put your issues and seek the advice of other developers in these open forums.


If you want to develop any Single Page Applications (SPA), then you can use routing to transit from one view to another smoothly.

In any Single Page Application, all the elements come in one single page.

However, the developer does not want to lead the user to a new page every time they select a menu or a submenu.

The AngularJs allows you to make various views for different URLs.

In this way, the appropriate view of the main page loads when a specific URL request is made, this makes the task of transition from one page to another easier.

Dependency Injection

The AngularJs framework comes with an inbuilt dependency injection subsystem. This is a software design pattern that helps the components to get hold of their dependencies.

The injector subsystem in the AngularJs framework helps the developer in building components, deciding their dependencies, and providing them to other components as demanded.

Two Way Binding

Data binding is the automatic management of the data between view and model.

In this, the view indicates the HTML, whereas the model indicates the JavaScript variables.

The advantage of using AngularJs is that you can build a template that will allow you to bind different components with different models.

This will automatically update the bound model value if there is any difference in the value of any HTML or the view component.

Therefore, you do not need to program a separate set of callback functions to control the changing data.

This two-way data binding system makes the presentation layer of the application simpler which leads to a cleaner UI.

Furthermore, due to the two-way data binding, the developer can perform complex data manipulation and calculations with relative ease.


The AngularJs framework uses the API as HTTPS or web services to link with the server and presents the data.

This helps in preventing any malware attack, which makes it very popular with entrepreneurs who want to build web applications that not only boost their business efficiency but also provide enhanced security.

Compatibility with Other Frameworks

AngularJs can seamlessly integrate with other frameworks like Telerik’s Kendo UI, Wijmo, and Ionic which allows hassle-free switching between frameworks during the development or the scaling phase of the application.


AngularJs is perfect for creating Single Page Applications and hybrid mobile apps.

The cross-browser web applications that are developed using the AngularJs framework are highly interactive and user-friendly.

It is a multifunctional framework that speeds up the development process significantly, and its dependency injection, along with deep linking, offers a robust framework for software development.

Apart from AngularJS, ReactJS is also one of the popular frameworks that are highly used for software development. So, if you have any plans to use any other framework, other than AngularJS, then go with ReactJS.

To know more, you can check out this awesome blog on AngularJS vs ReactJS, which explains all the differences between both frameworks. Also, you will understand in detail which framework is suitable to use in a specific software project.