In-Depth Research of Instagram Posts with #Coronavirus Hashtag

The covid-19 outbreak from Wuhan in China has caused a panic across the globe. With the number of infected cases and death toll on the rise, many are struggling to cope during this time of crisis. Uneasiness and depression are creeping their way in to make matters worse.

At the present moment, medical institutions and research teams in numerous educational centers around the world are on the frontline to find the cure for this virus. Along with this, numerous organizations and businesses are playing an integral role by supporting awareness programs, conveying relevant guidelines, and obeying social distancing protocols.

Social media played a major role in spreading awareness about this virus so that people could be kept up-to-date on how to safeguard themselves from this virus. Moreover, people could connect with their loved ones by using social media platforms.

How Are Different Businesses Dealing With This Challenge?

Several enterprises have taken this opportunity not to gain profits but to improve their customer service capabilities. Moreover, they are exploring different methods to prevent the spreading of this virus and fight against it.

Below are examples of top brand posts that have taken strict measures, not just to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 but also to sympathize with their customers.

1.    Crocs

The popular footwear firm took the initiative to support healthcare workers by donating a pair of shoes. The medical professionals are at the frontline in fighting against COVID-19, and all sections of the community cannot be grateful enough for the amount of dedication they put into healing those who are ill. Hence, this initiative was welcomed and appreciated.

2.  Dolce and Gabbana

With the conduction of researches by educational institutions, essential details are being revealed about the coronavirus. Dolce and Gabbana gave a helping hand to Humanitas University by donating funds to realize the symptoms that trace back to coronavirus.

3.  Changi Airport

With the pandemic taking its toll, Changi Airport has decided to increase their precautionary measures by compelling staff members to use disinfectants when cleaning, applying protective plastic layers on top of touch screen panels to reduce the rate of infection, and religiously cleaning all high touch areas.

But it’s not just airports that are going the extra mile to keep their surroundings clean. Schools, restaurants, local businesses, and offices are all emphasizing cleaning multiple times throughout the day. Whether you’re a local grocery store or a software house, precautions must be taken to control the spread of the virus and keep community members safe.

4.  Subaru, USA

Subaru, an automobile company in the USA, took a generous approach during this challenging time by contributing 50 million meals to Feeding America. Feeding America is an organization whose motive is to prevent starvation by giving free meals to the needy. With the outbreak of this pandemic, food sources were becoming scarce, with inflation on the rise. This program supports those who are unable to afford 3 meals a day.

5.  AliExpress

AliExpress is a widely-popular online retail service that was introduced by the Alibaba group. As the pandemic swept through China and there was a sharp rise in the demand for medical goods, cleaning products, and other necessities, AliExpress was modified to distribute these supplies to medical facilities that are in need. It enabled delivery drivers to reach their destination through the shortest and safest route available.

However, it was not just businesses that were playing a role in benefitting people during this pandemic. Many members of the community discovered ways in which they could bring comfort to tensed hearts and support those who are facing obstacles due to the pandemic.

6.  Corona Related Memes

In order for the world to cope with the stress and trauma caused by this unforgiving pandemic, many people would depend on the power of memes to get through this difficult time. Memes are pictures of different things with humorous captions and quotations. Although a lot of people are against this idea, millions of people have posted memes, videos, GIFs, and what not to try and calm down the terror and hysteria that was caused by the pandemic.

7.   Instagram Posts about Home-Made Masks Tutorials

As time passes, with the pandemic, many necessities are becoming costly due to their shortage. Masks being one of those many necessities; because of this, many people are unable to afford them. So then they resort to trying to find ways to make one themselves. This is where Instagram posts about home-made mask tutorials made by people come in.

A dance educator, Naomi, who had just graduated from college in March, had no clue if she would get a job during COVID-19. Her younger sister had begun making masks and distributed them all around Boston. As Naomi had a sewing machine in her house, she began by learning how to make masks and started sharing them with her families and friends. As she got better, she decided to make masks as a part-time job and donated a share of her earnings to support causes.

8.     Importance of nurturing mental health

It takes moments for our minds to create panic and negative scenarios during times of difficulty. Various influencers and celebrities on Instagram have raised their voice and shared their experiences on coping with mental stress, motivating, and encouraging others to focus on personal growth. It is a battle that needs continuous effort to overcome the demons from within.

Here are a few examples of artists and therapists who are fueling people with the power of compassion, hope and strengthening them to interconnect with one another.

  • Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown, an actress, had taken to social media to share fun and tasty vegan recipes with her followers while stuck at home. She was also keen on sharing words of wisdom, advice on personal growth, and spreading positivity during these dark times. Her friendly and caring personality makes her an amazing person to follow amidst the chaos of the pandemic.

  • Lalah Delia

Lalah Delia is a renowned face on Instagram for her effective meditation techniques and all-around peaceful vibe. She’s actively using her platform to help people tap into their inner-self and help them meditate to feel tranquil and relaxed.  

Wrapping Up

With the pandemic tightening its grip on the world, most people spent their time scrolling through their Instagram feed. Influencers, medical officials, and other known personalities had taken to social media to spread awareness and educate people on how to protect themselves and others from the virus.