Automation and Machine Learning’s Impact on Web Developers

Automation and machine learning are changing the way web developers work. Technologies are becoming available that help developers learn and simplify. As such, these technologies have far-flung effects on web developers around the world. 

Web developers can use machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and similar technologies as part of their everyday operations. The technologies help developers identify and correct coding issues. In doing so, they empower web developers to maximize their productivity and efficiency. 

Conversely, concerns persist about whether automation will eliminate the need for web developers. Machines may be able to perform the work of web developers. At this point, businesses may look to these machines for web development support and services.  

Ultimately, automation, machine learning, AI, and associated technologies present opportunities for web developers. By using these technologies, developers can streamline various work processes and systems.

Why Should Web Developers Prioritize Automation?

There is a lot to like about automation for web development. Key reasons why web developers use machine learning and similar technologies for automation include:

1. Time and Cost Savings

Web developers can automate testing. They perform ongoing assessments with speed and precision and identify and address coding issues in their early stages. This helps developers avoid costly and time-intensive mistakes.  

2. Risk Management

AI drives risk-based decision-making. It allows web developers to quickly generate insights from large data sets. Developers can use these insights to make informed decisions and protect against risk. 

3. Website Performance

Web developers can use automation and machine learning to track a website’s performance. They can use AI-based technologies to automatically capture data and insights to understand a site’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps developers discover the best ways to build sites that perform well on desktop computers and mobile devices

4. User Experience (UX) 

Automation and machine learning technologies can provide website visitor insights. They can help web developers understand visitors’ site preferences. Next, developers can use visitor insights to improve a site’s UX. 

5. Efficiency

Most web developers have limited time and resources at their disposal. Automation and machine learning technologies can help developers understand how to make the most of their time and resources. The technologies allow developers to reduce or eliminate repetitive manual tasks. As a result, they can help developers allocate sufficient time and resources to high-value tasks. 

AI and Machine Learning Frameworks That Web Developers Need to Know About

Web developers don’t have to wait to start using AI and machine learning for automation. Here are three AI and machine learning frameworks that developers can integrate into their processes.

1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain Team in 2015. The framework allows developers to use machine learning in JavaScript or Node for numerical computation. Also, it enables developers to use machine learning models to create web apps that recognize real-world interactions and objects. 

2. Apache Mahout

For developers that want to build massive web applications, use the Apache Mahout open-source framework. Mahout leverages the Apache Hadoop library and lets developers create machine learning systems in the cloud. With Mahout, developers can cluster implementations supported by K-Means, Spectral, and other algorithms. Developers can then discover and organize elements of these implementations. They can produce Mahout-based web apps that characterize customer groups based on purchasing patterns and other clusters of information, too.  

3. Caffe2

Developers choose Caffe2 to improve a web app’s performance. Caffe2 is a deep learning framework that is flexible in comparison to its counterparts. It also uses convolutional neural networks to speed up the web app development process. Developers typically don’t need a wealth of experience or expertise to start using Caffe2. There is even the Caffe2 Model Zoo that provides pre-trained deep learning models for no-code development. 

What to Expect from Automation and Machine Learning in Web Development 

Automation and machine learning technologies are simplifying web development. Today, these technologies are helping web developers perform at peak levels. In the future, the technologies could automate web development. 

Research is underway to determine if web development can be fully automated. In 2015, AI was able to generate code on its own. The technology used a Linux repository to train a recurrent neural network. It produced code at nearly the same speed and quality as a web developer. 

In addition, DeepCoder AI technology is in development by Microsoft and Cambridge University. DeepCoder can learn and produce working code based on code databases. DeepCoder remains a work in progress, and researchers continue to explore ways to make it better.

The Bottom Line on Automation and Machine Learning’s Impact on Web Developers

Expect the push for automation in web development to continue in the years to come. Machine learning and AI are already making waves in web development. New technologies will become available that can help web developers take their operations to new heights.  

Keep an eye out for new ways to automate web development processes and systems. That way, web developers can stay at the forefront of automation technologies. Developers can discover the best technologies for automation. They can use these technologies to work smarter and faster than ever before.