Ways Web Developers are Utilizing Machine Learning

As technology marches forward, those who build it become increasingly sought after. Web developers are key to the advancement of online spaces, and as technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, they are having to expand their skillset. Website design is one of the many professions that is being affected by the development of AI and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that defines the science of mimicking human behavior and abilities. Machine learning is a subset of AI and is used to train a computer to learn. Machine learning can be used to automate analytical modeling, which finds patterns in data that can be used to predict the outcome of information that is added in the future.

It makes sense that web developers and machine learning would go hand in hand. Being able to predict what will yield the best outcome is vital to business success, and building responsive elements into a website is one of the best ways to gain this information in our digital age. So how are web developers utilizing machine learning as we adapt to our technological future?

What is Machine Learning?

In simple terms, machine learning is the method by which a computer can take in data and get “smarter” over time. Consider how a child has to repeat an activity or an action several times over before they learn how to do it on their own, but once they do, they can apply that skill in any situation that requires it. This basic concept is what defines machine learning as a form of artificial intelligence.

Technology that uses machine learning and AI recognizes our patterns as users and can anticipate what we will do the next time we log in to an app or a webpage. You may have noticed, for example, that after searching a few different sites, Google begins to show you advertisements for the product that you were shopping around for. This is one of the basic applications of predictive analytics, which uses machine learning to automatically generate models that predict user needs based on established patterns.

Beyond marketing the newest sunglasses to us, machine learning is what allows our apps to learn our preferences and habits. Music and video apps suggest new creators to us based on our previous choices and autocorrect learns how to correct our common typing errors. They are each taking in the data that you supply, and using it to respond to your future needs.

Web Developers and Machine Learning

First and foremost, web developers are using machine learning to improve the customer experience. This can be in the form of developing more advanced chatbots, streamlining user paths, or even anticipating what related products they will need. For customer service teams this can reduce the number of in-person interactions they need to respond to while sales and marketing teams can analyze important analytics to better understand customer behavior.

Developers build machine learning code into websites that monitors both what consumers are buying and how they are shopping. With data that encompasses every part of the customer process, marketers, for example, can determine the best subject for their next ad campaign. As machine learning advances further, and our use of artificial intelligence expands into the future, the ability to build it into websites and apps is vital to business and organization success.

The Future of Machine Learning

We are already beginning to see the effects of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence on website development. As new tools become wide-spread, developers have the opportunity to adjust to new challenges that are arising due to features such as voice search on cell phones and integrated home technology. Developing an understanding of how to best use machine learning while building sites can allow web developers to take their careers in new and exciting directions.

Though a basic understanding of machine learning is useful for all web developers, many want to develop their skills further. From learning to use JavaScript to finding pre-made platforms like Amazon Machine Learning, developers are now able to build up their machine learning skills without having to invest in specialized coding boot camps or expensive classes. Developing these skills independently can also bring their current projects to a new level and help them advance within their company.

Another way for developers to keep themselves at the forefront of their industry is to use networks and resources such as coworkers, forums, and blogs. Which web development blogs are the most useful will vary on an individual basis, but there is one for almost every technology niche. Web developers can use these forums to talk with colleagues in their field, stay abreast of new topics and concerns, and get feedback on developing machine learning skills.

Machine learning is so commonplace in our lives that most people think nothing of the AI used in their cellphone or their GPS. But web developers are using the technology to build responsive websites, improve our day to day experiences, and support companies at all levels. From responsive development to advanced search algorithms and market projects, Web developers are building the next generation of predictive technology with machine learning.