7 Reasons to Start an Email Marketing Campaign Now

Whether you’re reading this first thing in the morning or during office hours, chances are you’ve already read at least one email today. Email marketing is inescapable these days, so here’s a list of 7 reasons you should start an email marketing campaign for your business ASAP and boost your sales.

1. Email Has the Largest Reach

Email is the widest marketing channel there is. Globally, there are almost 4 billion email accounts and the number is expected to grow 3% yearly; this means your chances of succeeding are really high when you do it right.  

Analysts estimate that by 2022, email marketing’s market size will reach $694 million USD, so there’s absolutely no reason to delay your email campaigns. You should start a mailing list or create different mailing lists for events, product launches, surveys, or to prospect new customers. 

Just like any other marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns should be segmented into small groups considering age, sex, and location because this will let you create specific offers for defined audiences and plan your newsletters accordingly.

2. Email Marketing Is Versatile

Regardless of what and how much you’re selling, email campaigns will work in your favor when planned correctly. 

To catch your customer’s attention, your email newsletter design should be attractive and well-thought-out. This means that besides your special offers and product information, you should include your logo and branding visuals along with your email content, including great pictures of your product and provide useful information. If you don’t have one by now, use a logo generator to get yours with just a few clicks.

Later on, you can start your campaign by sending a welcome email and make a great first impression for those who’ve subscribed to your newsletter. 

Aim to be one of those businesses that offer content that’s worth reading, write short copy, and include high-quality images. After all, when putting great effort into starting an email marketing campaign, the last thing you want is to be ignored. In the end, there are three things you should be focusing on: content, quality, and having an updated database for your mailing list. 

3. Newsletters Increase Online Sales

According to V12, 81% of potential customers will explore online before any purchase, and that number alone should be enough to convince you to use email marketing as a way to drive traffic towards your website. Hopefully, once your customer visits your eCommerce store, they will complete the purchase because of what they learned in some newsletters. 

Once you have your email campaign running, you need to cross-check your customer database and identify those who are loyal customers and offer them some benefits. 

If it’s useful for your brand, you can benefit from newsletters to sell promotional items. You can use any mockup to place your logo on or favorite graphic and bring it to life with real models and scenarios.

4. Email Has the Highest Customer Retention Rates

Customer retention rate refers to the ability of a business to keep their customers and acquiring new ones for a certain period. According to a recent analysis, email customer retention rates are at 90%.

How could email possibly influence customer retention? Well, besides displaying your products, newsletter marketing allows you to include special in-store offers, keep a loyalty program, and even win customers back if they had a negative experience with your product or service.

One of the main reasons customers leave is thinking they’re meaningless for your business. In fact, not showing you care about them represents a churn rate of 68%, while their dissatisfaction is 14%, going with your competitor 9%, and the rest of the reasons vary from going to a friend to provide the same service, leaving the market or, well, dying. 

But things don’t have to be this dramatic. Think about all the pros of starting an email marketing campaign to boost your sales while keeping your customers happy with useful information, and perhaps a reward every now and then. 

5. Email Is the Top Platform for Digital Marketing

One of the best reasons to start an email marketing campaign is its popularity among marketing experts. 

Did you know 28% of American adults admit being constantly online? So, chances are your email will be read almost instantly without the need to visit your website first. On top of that, America has the largest market share in the global email marketing market.

6. Newsletters Build Customer Engagement

Marketing trends come and go, but email marketing is here to stay because of its effectiveness in customer engagement. 

To enhance this, you should go for personalized emails that make your message stand out among tens of other subjects. Surveys are also a good idea to keep in touch with customers and at the same time allow you to get important information to measure customer engagement. 

If you’re planning to use your email newsletter to get people to visit your actual store, you can create a banner to tell people about the benefits of being part of your business’ mailing list. Try a banner mockup to see what your message would look like in-store. 

Remember that your newsletter design must be simple to read and useful to your customers. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, here are some event invitation email templates you can get inspiration from. 

7. Email Is a Low-Cost Marketing Platform

You don’t have to spend all of your budget to achieve the best email marketing campaigns; many of the newsletter sending services offer a free version for small businesses. 

Also, email cost per acquisition (CPA) at $10.23 is one of the lowest in digital media, compared to social media at $21.95 and display ads at $19.50. 

Wrapping It Up

All the reasons listed above should be enough to help you know why and how to start an email marketing campaign, but in case they’re not enough, share your questions in the comment section. Or if you have any useful insight for other small business owners like you, please share!