Top Reasons You Need a Thorough SEO Audit for Your Business Website

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A thorough SEO audit for your website would provide you with the whole lot you need to figure out about the present performance or efficiency of your web pages and how these pages rank in the Google search results. It provides you with all data you require to boost your website rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). After all, online businesses aspire to grab the top spot in the SERPs.

Though the word audit sounds dreary and sometimes frightening for business owners, it is not at all a bad thing to happen. Just as IRS, tax audits, SEO audit is an effective tool you should use periodically to boost your website performance. You will benefit from the results.

According to an article published on SearchEngineLand, there are many key areas to assess in an SEO audit including indexing, sitemaps, robots.txt, mobile-friendliness, and more. Are you still mulling over whether to implement an SEO audit? Here are the top reasons why you need it for your business website:

Boosts website efficiency and performance

Opting for an SEO audit for your web pages is similar to consulting your doctor for a regular medical examination. The review would help in comparing your site’s current condition or performance against the standards defined by the digital industry giants such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, especially the search engine companies, to be precise. The review will help you educate about the existing issues your website has together with an elaborate assessment of web page stats. These figures or information can consist of the bounce rates, implying the amount of time your web visitors have stayed on your web pages and the efficiency of some referral plans you are at present organizing and handling.

The standard scrutiny and synopsis of your web pages would help you look into a range of aspects and the major SEO characteristics including your links, citations, and the info on your social media business accounts, how efficiently your site is internally linked, and sitemap. These audits will let you determine if your site has any possible warnings from Google. It means the probable penalties that the search engine giant, Google could inflict on your site for poor quality or stale content, thus damaging the by and large website rankings in the SERPs. Therefore, do not take an SEO audit lightly.

It’s important to remember that Google and Bing are continuously modifying their guiding principles as well as requirements for fair optimization practices. Therefore, if you would like to focus on enhancing, improving, and running your business, it is possible to miss the Google updates, or you just might not have the required time to read up the existing webmaster guidelines, and that is why it’s imperative to take the help of any SEO agency near you.

With an SEO audit, professionals can identify the problem areas quickly so that you can improve your business website after rectifying the errors in no time. Now, a seasoned SEO expert best does that job.

Number of visitors you have on your business website

You might discover that, over the years, the number of web visitors on your business website is gradually thinning or reaching zero counts. Google and other search engines are frequently rolling out their smart algorithms to figure out new and effectual methods to index web pages like yours. Then, when you fail to update your site for many months or you fail to implement at present the useful SEO tactics, Google or Bing can push your business website further down the SERPs, which is a bad thing to happen.

A poor visitor count is a direct signal that your optimization tactics are not effective, as expected by Google. That is the reason why an SEO audit will help you to draw attention to the errors causing poor rankings in the SERPs and helping you to rectify the mistakes and enhance the overall performance of your website.

Your website traffic increasing consistently

If you go by stats and data, the web traffic must incessantly keep increasing by approx 2 percent – 10 percent each month. If that’s a new thing you hear now, it means that your web pages are not receiving the volume of traffic it should, and some steps are required to address the problem. Now, you can easily identify these issues from the web-traffic analytics pages. If you look at the graph, you will notice that the site traffic is slowly or radically, increasing and then beginning to descend and finally becoming a flat line. 

SEO audit
Your website traffic increasing consistently

Therefore, you need to invest in an SEO audit so that your digital team recognizes the possible threats or issues related to your business website, thus affecting performance and sales. You can make the necessary corrections, eliminate the required problem areas, and if the problems are resolved precisely, you will see your website starting to rank higher in the SERPs again, within the first month.

Do a reality check, of your competition

The web is popular for fierce competition, especially if you have an online business and sell products or services. Your competitors are using the best strategies to survive in the competition. That is why you need an SEO audit to keep track of the competitor sites and figure out what optimization methods and tactics they are employing to gain higher rankings in the SERPs. If an SEO best practice works for others, it should work for your business, as well, and therefore, focusing on your competitor websites is essential.

Your competitors may have used a modus operandi or best practice that your company has overlooked on its business website. You can get many ideas after you implement an SEO audit to help you sell more products than your competitors and generate leads, and finally sales.


Consider an SEO audit seriously, because it is the best way to discover the loopholes in your website, optimization techniques, and then make corrections to improve your web pages and continue selling products and making profits.