How To Create A Strong Password Without Having To Remember It

You can use a hash function, avialable in any operation system, for example sha256sum with a photo or an mp3 file, any file you can easily remember.

For example, from Linux command line:

sha256sum /path/to/somephoto.jpg

This command will return you a string of 64 characters which could be considered as a strong password.

You don’t have to remeber the password, you have to remember the file (photo, mp3 or whatever you like).

Use on Android

There are a lot of free apps on Android providing hash functionality. I often use Hash Droid.

Strong Password Without Having To Remember It


Please, keep in mind:

  • Always keep a secure backup of your “secret” file, even better in a cloud service. If you lose this file, you lost your password…
  • Always erase bash history line contains the command sha256sum /path/to/somephoto.jpg. Nobody can be able to see this command. See details in this post.