Best 7 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Devs

Google Chrome, is obviously, the most mainstream browser on the planet. Regarding user share, Google Chrome is well in front of other significant browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and so on In a little more than 10 years, Google Chrome has figured out how to vanquish above and beyond 65% of the market share.

One of the critical elements behind its transient ascent is its huge library of extensions that genuinely separates it from the rest, particularly for web designers and developers. Nonetheless, offering a library of extensions as tremendous as it does, it turns into somewhat irksome for its users to handpick the extensions for their day-by-day needs. That is the reason we have brought a couple of the best Chrome extensions for web designers and developers.

Color Pick Eyedropper

Are you attracted to the color scheme of a random webpage and need to use it in your project? A Chrome expansion called Color Pick Eyedropper allows you to extricate the colors with pinpoint accuracy and a movable zoom feature. Extensions like these do require permission on all websites to play out the color extraction. It additionally offers further developed features like Gradient generator, palette viewer, and colors history.

One-Click Full Page Screenshot

Taking a full-page web screenshot is a need of ordinary work. Once in a while, the most ideal manner to communicate your design changes is to capture the whole website for what it’s worth. With an augmentation called “A single Click Full Page Screenshot,” you can accomplish it accurately. While the Screen capture is in progress, you’re done with the scrolling image will open in another window once finished. The whole webpage screen is currently accessible for download in PNG format. You can likewise apply various effects to the image screen including filters, drawing over the webpage, adding text, and more.


Web developers rely on cookie managers to add, erase, alter, protect, and block cookies. EditThisCookie is a helpful augmentation that allows you to work with cookies however you see fit export or import them in JSON format. This encourages you to keep the website solid by eliminating old cookies and restricting the greatest extraction date of any cookie.


ModHeader is perhaps the most well-known Chrome extension to modify webpage HTTP headers. Utilizing only a couple of snaps, you can empower header modification dependent on URL or resource type. Best of all, you can make numerous profiles and add various values to the adjusted headers. All the modifications might be limited to only one tab or a whole site.

UX Check

Web developers and designers need a heuristic evaluation of the running website every once in a while. This is made simple with UX Check, an expansion that shows all the UX-related feedback in a side pane. After you click on an element that doesn’t coordinate a heuristic assessed by you, you can add notes and take screenshots. At long last, all the progressions can be exported in .docx format.

Window Resizer

Web developers need to check their web pages for various screen dimensions. With Window Resizer, you can make these evaluations effectively for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any screen dimensions of your picking. The instrument has some cool features like “Rotate” and “Live Measurement,’ alongside a lot of visual customization functions. On the off chance that you need to assemble a responsive website, ensure you have cross-checked its appearance for all screen dimensions.

Check My Links – Broken Link Checker

Check My Links is the most impressive and sturdy link checker Chrome extensions for developers and designers in the Chrome library. Check My Links crawls through the whole webpage and approves every individual link and reports if it is legitimate. Check My Links engages you to duplicate each broken link to your clipboard, in just a solitary click. Recognize how to correct Broken links is basic for any website for successful On-Page SEO and dodging penalties from Google Site crawlers.

Prepared to take your design and development above and beyond? These chrome extensions can help you as a web engineer and designer to amplify the effectiveness and return to the pleasant piece of website creation. Simply be certain not to install too much, as they can back Chrome off and mess up the top bar. Pick a chosen handful that advantages your work the most, and cut down on the lethargic work that plagues website development.