A Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Ads

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As businesses have turned digital, top business people are looking for new ways to ensure proper exposure. When it comes to a business’s online exposure, you can rely on Google Ads. It is simple in terms of usage and can effectively generate leads for your business. If you have a business-related site online, Google Ads can be your first-hand support system for advertising.

You can consider judging the reliability of Google Ads from some statistical data. According to the Webfx’s website, four customers in every five desire that the Ads are customized to their local area or zip code. Another data shows that $6 to $30 is the range of cost that the company has to bear for putting a simple ad on Google Ads. 

You will come to know about the techniques to use Google Ads. However, first, you need to know what Google Ad means. 

Google Ad: Definition

Google Ad is an authentic platform to publish ads. Before 2018, it was known as Google AdWords. Accessing the search results (paid ads) from Google Ads is simple as the viewers can check out a particular ad by entering the keyword.

As a business person, you need to make sure relevant keywords for your business are present in your online ad. Random people who are in search of service are more likely to click on these ads. 

You can consider a person to become your customer if he/she has clicked on your ad. All you need to do further is provide information, manipulate and complete the sales process. 

Procedure to Publish A Google Ad

The procedure of publishing an ad on Google is quite simple, and the stepwise guide is given below:

Make an account

Grow Your Business With Google Ads

The first thing you need to do is make a Google Ads account to publish your ad on the search engine. To sign-up, you need to access the Google AdWords account. Once you enter the basics of the account, you can select the budget plan of the advertisement. 

Google charges the ads in terms of its type and the campaign you want to take. Each type of ad campaign has its unique features.

Select the budget type

There are many budget plans that you can get from Google to publish your ads. These plans are known as Pay Per Click, Pay Per Agreement, etc. When you are opting to post an ad on Google, consider it to be expensive. So, it would be best if you are very precise about what you publish in your ad.

Budget Plan Google Ads

The best thing for you would be to consult with an expert after reading all the payment-related terms mentioned by Google. As per the level of exposure is concerned, you can set a specific daily budget to restrict your expenses reach an absurd high. 

In this case, Google will discontinue showing up your ad once it reaches the daily budget according to your bid. 

Set Keywords

Choose Keywords Google Ads

As you enter the information about your ad on the Google platform, Google Ad allows you to enter a set of 20 keywords. You should enter simple and obvious keywords that match your business. The presence of proper keywords can help random customers to get access to your ads. 

The traits to consider while choosing the keywords are given here:

  • Obvius words in the keyword
  • Name of the place your business is located
  • A keyword with a matching phrase
  • Words that indicate broad matching (Generally, the words that describe a particular thing)
  • Negative words in a keyword

You might think about why negative keywords are important for Google ads. Well, it not only keeps the unwanted audience away by not showing the ad, but it also saves money. 

Set a Network

A Google Ad cannot perform properly without the presence of a network. The search networks of Google can show your ad on several other websites. To save money, you can choose a particular network that only attracts people who are genuine viewers. 

Choose the Target Audience

It is very important to find the target audience properly. You will need to determine it depending on what product you sell or the services you deliver. Your business’s location also acts as a major determinant when it comes to choosing the target audience. 

Google Ads can give you a chance to target your advertisement based on countries. So, you can ensure your ad’s exposure to be global. 

Ad Creation

Campaign Type Google Ads

Ad creation is the most vital thing you need to concentrate on while publishing a Google ad. You should be clear that the ad’s design is attractive and all the necessary facts are written in an outstanding manner. 

When you set an ad template, check the charges you need to pay for it. Every template has different costs. You can expect to get the best outcome from a Google ad if the best traits are followed while the design is done. 

Some of the best traits of designing online ads are given below:

  • All ads should contain factual information
  • Tee ad heading must be short yet unique as the viewers can get engaged to it
  • The language of the ad should be promotional, and there must be a manipulative line in it
  • All ads should satisfy the terms of Google as it might disqualify your ad if there is any abnormality

You can create your ad on the Google Ads platform, but it will be better to hire a professional when it comes to ad design. 

Final Words

A business generally opts for Google Ads to publish an advertisement when its profits are high. However, you must think twice if you need to publish online advertisements. The best you can do is check your competitors and determine if they are doing any better than you in terms of business. 

On the other hand, if your organization is still a startup, Google Ads can be the best way of lead generation in a rapid manner. All you need to do is check if you can afford to continue an online ad campaign powered by Google for a longer period. The option Google Ads, however, might not be right for you if you have monetary restrictions.