7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an amazing platform to create and run engagement campaigns with potential customers. Some have considered this platform to be the best for organic engagement and running ad campaigns. 

Many businesses have found success in using Facebook Ads but as time goes by, this has become a very competitive place. Facebook users encounter a lot of ads within the course of a day. Therefore it is important to work towards standing out of the crowd. How can you optimize this outreach strategy? 

7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Here are 7 optimization hacks for huge success with your Facebook Ads with real-life examples:

Matching the targeted audience with buyer personas

When creating infographics or other types of engaging content such as carousel images, you should target it to the right people. This applies greatly if you have more than one buyer personas. You would not want to alienate potential customers or waste money and resources advertising content that is irrelevant to them. Therefore, ensure that you have your audiences set up consistently with the buyer personas you’ve created. 

Facebook has created a convenient feature that allows marketers and business owners to save certain audiences. Those audiences should match the buyer persona and use them relevantly. 

7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Platforms like Udemy have used this perfectly to attract a relevant audience. They use buyer personas to target people with different interests based on historic interactions gleaned from various analytical sources.

Compel users to action

Facebook users encounter a lot of advertised content and they have grown numb to the sales ploys implemented on many of these ads. 

For your ads to effectively gain conversions or get users to react in an intended way, you should compel them to action. This does not mean you should add a generic call-to-action at the bottom of the text. Instead, be energetic in your writing use emojis that are likely to call to action. 

For example, emojis such as fire, 100%, index finger pointing the user, and others can work wonders when paired with relevant copy. Therefore, ensure that these work cohesively. 

7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Do not over-use it but keep it at an appropriate scale to drive users to take action right then and there. Sephora has mastered the art of using emojis appropriately on its content. Judging from their following and engagement rates, this has worked out well for them.

Use best-performing posts on ads

Facebook insights are a great feature that marketers and business owners can use to determine which content they should promote. 

Experts on essay writing websites say that by trying to assess the intention of running the ad and combining that with analytical data from insights, you can create a winning formula. You will have an idea that your target audience is interested in that type of content over others. 

7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Therefore, this will allow you to create amazing ads that fulfill the objective of launching. Airbnb figured out this perfect strategy by noticing how much UGC draws its customers closer. 

Therefore, this company started running ads with real people relaying their experience of using the service offers by this brand. You can also assess the type of content that works best organically and promote it to a wider audience.

Use previous ad insights to schedule the next campaign

From previous ad campaigns, draw some information regarding some baselines of advertising. For example, try to figure out the best times and days to run ad campaigns. You will be surprised by the treasure trove of data that can be collected from historical ad campaigns. Those insights can be very important in optimizing your budget and spending just the right amount of money on Facebook ads.  

You can create a comprehensive report based on historical ad data. Other things to look out for include demographical information that can help you filter the audience much more. 

If the initial ads you launched had a wide net cast on the targeted audience, there is a good chance you’ve wasted a lot of money on it. To reduce CPC, filter the audience thoroughly to get great results with lower costs.

How ad rotation can prevent increasing CPC

When running an ad campaign, keep in mind that you will need to rotate ads to ensure that your CPC does not go shooting through the roof. It has been proven that after a while of running an ad, it loses momentum and that increases the cost to acquire clicks. That means you will be paying more for a service that does not add much value to yourself.  

7 Optimization Hacks for Huge Success with Your Facebook Ads

Ad rotation is quite important to get more value for less money paid. Therefore, ensure you have other related ads standing by to substitute the primary ad when it runs out of momentum. Shopify and Hostgator have excelled in this aspect because, under the same campaign, they substitute their ads with different visuals and videos. 

Have a clear ad objective

Before starting an ad campaign, ensure that you know the reason why. That is because Facebook asks this question before launching an ad. This determines whether the ad will bear the fruits you are expecting. You might be running an ad to get more website visitors, more user engagements, or views. 

Pick one struggle at a time, depending on where you are at with the marketing strategy you’re implementing. Failure to clearly define the objective will result in a botched advertising campaign with no real results. This is one of the most important steps of optimizing ad campaigns.

Customize the audience for retargeting

Another great feature that Facebook has on its ads service is the ability to customize the audience even further than demographic and geographic information. When retargeting ads, you can get a much better response. For example, if you’re targeting certain leads on ad campaigns, you can exclude certain individuals from viewing the content. 

A customized audience allows retargeting to a much greater extent. You can even go further to targeting cold leads and other types of customized audiences. Such personalization can result in a much better response in terms of retargeting campaigns and their benchmark KPIs. 

The bottom line

Facebook ad campaigns can be much more fruitful if you follow these practical tips on how to optimize them for huge success. Most of these tactics decrease CPC so that you can get more done with less. Tactics such as customizing audiences, rotating ads, and using analytical insights should be the bloodline of your ad campaign. At the same time, have a compelling call to action paired with great copy and emojis that incite action from users.