5 ways Ai Changing User Experience In Mobile App

With the rise of technological advancements in every sector, the world has observed an increasing shift towards artificial intelligence in every field, whether the fashion industry, gaming, manufacture, interior design, fitness and wellbeing, medical sector, etc. We could only imagine these advancements earlier, while it exists today. Thanks to our experts and researchers who have made it possible to make our existence more comfortable.

While talking about advancements, we also mean cutting-edge technologies used in the mobile app development sector. The mobile app world is constantly thriving and enhancing over the past decade, and AI has only led to better user experience and retention.

Several businesses have realized that AI & mobile apps are the most significant things in the technology sector, changing our lifestyle. Earlier, seen in Sci-Fi films have been implemented in the real world gives us thrills, from driving cars to performing surgeries and whatnot.

With tech leaders investing more in artificial intelligence, the users will see this tech floating around in more applications. Artificial intelligence has immersed itself in the education, finance, and healthcare sectors effortlessly, whereas the mobile app industry is the one that promises excellent use of this human intelligence.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

In the layman language, AI means machines taking over human tasks. It is a system that can show human-like behaviour and make independent decisions. AI comes from computer science, wherein computers can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence like situational analysis, reasoning, problem-solving, etc.

AI has several features that improve the mobile app development process, rendering a unique user experience.

How is AI changing the Mobile App User Experience?

1. More Personalized Experience

AI expansion has enabled mobile app users to set a benchmark of their mobile app experience. And hence, users are expecting a more intense and bespoke mobile app experience.

How come AI contributes to a more personalized experience?

AI-based search engines have become more competent and show the content based on users’ likes and choices. AI & ML help users find stuff with images or voices from their app’s search engine. Awesome right!

AI collects and evaluates customer data based on their past purchases and searches that recommend unique products based on their likings and preferences. Brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Tommy are already offering such amazing experiences to their users.

Tommy Hilfiger, for instance, has a chatbot that enables users to surf their recent collections or the latest fashion show scenes. Moreover, the chatbot also uses NLP to answer user queries and also provide fashion advice & product suggestions. The bot collects user information and understands their preferences by asking them some questions to guide them accordingly.

2. Facial Recognition

This is one of the most fantastic features offered by AI and enjoyed by many users. AI not only renders face recognition technology to smartphone users to unlock their phones, but this also is currently trending in the mobile app development market.

Besides unlocking, this feature has many uses starting from camera apps, social media apps, photo editor apps, and a lot more. AI advancements are rendering many mobile apps a face by incorporating face identification features in them.

Snapchat is the best example when it comes to leveraging AI in a social media app. Snapchat filters are famous worldwide amongst users, especially those who merely use the app for its AI-based filters.

3. Better Security

AI enhances mobile app security by incorporating several algorithms and securing authentication.

Moreover, we all are aware of the rising cyber threats and frauds that endanger user data. AI plays a significant role in rendering a high level of security to mobile apps.

Another excellent AI feature in mobile app development is the customization of security algorithms as per the users’ sensitive information and vulnerabilities.

Nowadays, users get notified if someone is attempting to steal their data. Besides, AI also renders fingerprint scans for authorization to guarantee a high degree of security.

Hence, AI is constantly evolving with the ever-changing technology to ensure that the user’s confidential data is safe and secure.

4. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

AI should be awarded when it comes to problem-solving. AI can indeed enrich the mobile app creation process as it can boost problem-solving rates. AI algorithms evaluate human behaviour and accordingly implements it in the decision-making process.

Thanks to artificial intelligence that has made problem-solving more efficient and speedy. Mobile apps supported with AI render the user a tailored experience like navigation, traffic, eateries nearby, etc.

5. Understands the Emotions

Yes, you read that right! These human-like machines can now even read your emotions. This is one of the most growing trends in AI. We have reached a boiling point in our tech advancements where AI & ML together in our app can read expressions.

AI can now understand human emotions via pictures and voice data processing by reading subtle gestures and postures. Businesses can leverage these analytics to improve their customer experience by recognizing the need for goods or services enhancement or get new product ideas.

Now you know how artificial intelligence is doing wonders in the mobile app development world!

Greater Possibilities in the Mobile App Development Industry

Android app development & iOS app development has a vast market and a lot of possibilities for growth. AI is propelling a bunch of opportunities in the mobile app world. Starting with Apple Siri and Google Assistant, AI has already shown its remarkable potential, and there is so much more yet to come.

Suppose you are a business planning to get your mobile app developed. In that case, you must consider incorporating AI functionality that will enhance your mobile app and take your user experience to another level. Hence, make a call only after considering the significant opportunities that your brand can achieve with AI implementation.