5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Redesign

It is prevalent that with the ever-changing world, you have to know how to keep up and keep moving forward or you will be left behind.

This can pertain to a lot of things. For example, the way you dress, the way you speak, or even the way you interact with others. 

This goes especially when you are a businessman or a woman and you want to maintain a website for your products. When you first started your business and decided to create a website for marketing, you may have followed the back then guidelines on what to have on your website for it to be successful. 

But do you think, without any doubt, your website right now is still on par with the latest trends? Or there’s a possibility that time may have passed by and your website has fallen behind?

All websites start with a vision and as you make that dream into a reality, you have an idea even from the very beginning what you would like to gain from all the marketing strategies you have formulated. 

The sad truth is though, the internet world is fast-changing and what used to be acceptable and effective before may not be as good today. 

Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website

Let me show you some of the best characteristics of a user-friendly and effective website. Here you will have an idea of the current one you have these traits and how they help you with your business.

Flexibility When it Comes to Mobiles

Most people, especially potential customers, use their mobile devices instead of laptops or desktops to view websites. This is mainly because most of us are always on the go and we cannot bring a desktop computer while we are taking a walk. 

This is mostly practiced by social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You can just download the app on your phone and you can access it anywhere you want with just a click of a button.

That is why mobile compatible websites are very important at this day and age . Not only can you cater to individuals who are on their laptops, but most of all you are making your business available to those who mostly use mobile phones. 

Your Website Can Cater to All Users

A real and genuine user-friendly website must be able to be accessible by all people from all walks of life, even those that are disabled, blind, or elderly.

When you create a website, keep in mind that potential customers may come from anywhere. Therefore, a successful website can be accessed by anyone interested and they have the platform to cater to their needs. 

Understanding assistive technologies like screen readers and dictation software capabilities incorporated in your website can make a huge impact as this will broaden your audience and will not discriminate against those who are handicapped.

Your Content Is Well-Formatted 

In some studies that are made to know how people usually interact with websites, it was found that people rarely read web pages and would rather scan the website, looking for what they need and the main reason why they have visited the website in the first place. 

That is why a great website has content that is strategically placed and well-formatted so that potential customers who are visiting your website will not have a hard time finding what they came there for. This will create a better user experience and will most likely turn to sales.

Make sure to also use the correct headings and subheadings, even bullets and lists, so that viewers will find it easy to understand what you are offering.

Signs That Your Business Site Needs a Redesign

Now that we have established what an awesome website we have, let’s be completely honest and ask ourselves if you think the current style and the contents of your own site are still what your potential customers will be interested in. 

To help you decide whether or not you need to redesign your website or not, here’s a list of some undeniable reasons why you should consider shaking things up when it comes to your website content.

Your Website is Outdated And Looks Deceitful

Well, this is one of the obvious signs that you need some redesigning. It has been said that more than 75% of your web visitors will immediately judge your integrity solely on what they can see on your website.

When you have not updated your website design and features and have kept it as it was when you first made it years ago, then people will easily recognize that most likely, what your offering is also outdated. And when that happens, you will lose sales and will have less and less traffic, until there’s none.

Having a web design company that can help you with the upgrade can work wonders. And can be the difference between you making it in the business or not. If you can find a company that will understand your goals and has the same principles are your business, then you can expect better results. 

When You Look at Your Competitor, You Feel Envious

A healthy competition between alike companies is ok, but when you see your competitor’s website and you immediately feel that undeniable feeling of envy and jealousy, then it is a telltale sign that you must immediately redesign your website.

There will be a lot of factors they may have as advantages over you. Some of them are:

  • Better SEO
  • Their web design is more modern and is more eye-catching
  • Their content is more well-thought-of and is formatted strategically. 

So the next time you realize that you are not at par with your competitors, take note of what you need to change in your website and how to make it as good as theirs, or even better.

Your Clients and Users are not Satisfied

Part of having a successful and user-friendly website is knowing what your customers think of the service they are receiving from you. And believe me, when they are not satisfied, you will know about it.

So when you start receiving complaints, then it is obvious you must immediately redesign your website and make it more acceptable to your clients.

Some complaints may be like the following:

  • I have a hard time finding you online
  • Where can I find your business?
  • It is almost impossible to find your products
  • What exactly is it you are offering?
  • I can’t access your website using my mobile device.

Simple complaints can be normal since as we all know we can’t exactly please everybody, but when more and more are showing their dissatisfaction with your website, then yes, you got it, it is time for some changes.

You Have Changed Your Business Purpose

Like I have mentioned before, the world is changing at a very fast pace, and so is the internet demand. So there may come a time that your original goals when you are just starting out may need to be changed to attain your objectives.

Let’s say for example you are now focused on providing more lead generation content, then it is the perfect time to create more strategically restructured marketing pages to get more customers. 

Another example is if you have recently added a new product and would like it to be advertised more than the other things you offer, you may need to update your layout and have it more aligned with other eCommerce websites.

Along with the change of goals must come the change in website design to make sure you are catering to your new aspirations, making it easier for you to reach your goals.

Your Website Inadequacy in Originality

When your website was first introduced, you may have the latest tools incorporated and the designs are what was trending at that time. But as the digital age changes, you soon will realize yours is just like the rest, and not being to stand out is not necessarily a good way to go.

Visuals, graphics, and the overall impression of your website are some of what today’s internet users are looking for. This is the thin line of whether they will stay on your website and continue browsing, increasing the possibility of a sale, or if they just close their tab and move on to another website.

There are a lot of resources you can choose from. You can include pictures of your customers and their testimonials about your products. Incorporating creative illustrations and videos are effective ways as well in making your website stand out above the rest.


Redesigning your website can be hard and can take a lot of time and money, but when you think about it, investing in your website’s credibility outweighs the things you are sacrificing. 

Remember why you are doing this and you will clearly understand and will come in terms of the need to redesign faster. After all, your website is an important component of your business. 

I hope I have given you important insights into why you should consider redesigning your website. If you can think of other reasons why and want to share them with us, leave them down in the comment below and we will be grateful for your comments.