14 Popular VSCode Plugins

VSCode Plugins provide many useful features that will make your life as a developer much easier.

It is essential to stay up to date with the latest text editors, as using the right one can give your productivity a serious boost. Alex Lysak, CEO of Scanteam, and our guest author for this article advises that you consider the following most popular VSCode extensions for 2021.

ES7, React, Redux & GraphQL Snippets

This snippet can help advanced developers who work with JavaScript frameworks such as React work more efficiently. It can help you create imports, life-cycle methods, class-based components, functional components, and more. 

You don’t have to retype codes all the time, and you save time typing and have fewer typos as a result.


This plugin is handy when it comes to code checking. Quokka is lightweight and robust in comparison to other VSCode extensions and will improve your workflow. It is real time, and you get immediate feedback. A fixed color type for each result makes it easy to understand the execution of flow.

Auto Close Tag

This one will help you find those missing close tags, as coding is already hard enough without dealing with these annoying details.

This cool extension automatically adds the closing bracket to the opening tag you just added and then places the cursor between the tags.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

This VSCode plugin helps you read and edit your code by highlighting nested bracket pairs, making them different colors, and outlining the section of code in the editor.

This is a handy plugin, especially when you’re working with large projects, e.g., in JavaScript, it is difficult to see which brackets match each other. This is one of the best VSCode plugins if you work with long sections of nested code, as the colors also make the code more readable.


ESLint is one of the best VSCode extensions for teams, as it auto-formats codes and ensures consistent formatting for your team.

You can also use ESLint to auto-format your own code, and it will warn you whenever you make an error.


Prettier is one of those VSCode plugins that make your code look cleaner and easier to read. It also helps with consistency and will help you use the same style all the time.

This code formatter will keep your code properly indented and separated, making it easier to find errors in your code. It will also make it easier for your colleagues to work on your code.


Beautify is another excellent code formatting plugin, very similar to Prettier. It can format codes written in HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and JSON.

Color Picker

This plugin helps you select colors in your CSS files. It will reflect immediately or apply to the section you’re currently working on.

Settings Sync

This is one of the best VSCode extensions 2021 if you work on multiple different computers and laptops. 

The program syncs all the changes you make on your different workstations. You don’t have to waste time anymore to change your settings manually. 

Path Intellisense

This plugin will save you so much time when it comes to working with file paths. The extension makes it easier to work on large projects with many components. 

Path Intellisense will show you suggestions as you try to type a path in quotations. 

Live Share

Live Share is one of the best plugins for visual studio code 2021 and an advanced feature in the VSCode text editor.

It facilitates productive team collaborations, as it allows developers to share code snippets in real-time. The plugin even allows the instant sharing of projects during the debugging process. 

Debugger for Chrome

This VSCode extension is handy for developers, as it will save you a lot of time when you make changes. It will help you find and resolve bugs quickly. 

Browser Preview

This extension is beneficial for front-end developers. It eliminates the need to open another window in Chrome to see the changes you’ve made to your code. You can use the browser preview to work it out in your VSCode. 

JavaScript Code Snippets

This extension will help you if you are a JavaScript developer, regardless of the JavaScript framework you’re using. 

It allows you to type shortcut codes, after which entire generic codes will automatically be visible in your editor. The extension also comes with pre-built support for Typescript, HTML, Reactjs, and Vue. 


Using these VSCodes plugins can substantially boost your productivity as a web developer. Give them a try to get your projects done faster and save yourself programming headaches in the future.