10 Top AR and Smart Glasses in 2021

Smart glasses are digital eyeglasses that make it possible to see information on your computer correctly. According to research, augmented reality, the technology behind these glasses is expected to grow to USD 72.7 billion by 2024. Although, it is yet to get rolled out for mass adoption globally.

Once fully adopted, AR and Smart glasses will be the technology to watch by 2030. It will help in connecting people and enhancing access to information. This article will focus on the best 10 AR and smart glasses you should consider if you’re looking to purchase a pair in 2021.

Let’s get into it.

Factors to Consider When Selecting AR and Smart Glasses for your Enterprise

There’re so many options to consider when buying AR glasses. You need to consider a few factors to ensure that you pick the right pair for your enterprise. Here are some important smart and AR glasses tips to help you choose the best one.


You need to be sure the AR glasses fit your face comfortably and are easy to wear. You should know your size and the exact dimensions of the glasses you’ll be buying. The specifications of the glasses are often listed in the product description.

User Friendliness

Choose glasses that everyone including a beginner in your company will interact with easily. Look for some reviews to know other users’ experiences when they first tried the glasses.


Consider the project that you want to complete and ensure the glasses you pick have the features that will help you achieve your goals. Determine the purpose why you are buying AR or smart glasses. From here, you can identify the functions you need from your glasses.

The 10 Best AR and Smart Glasses for 2021

1. Google Enterprise for Glass 2

Google produced its first piece in 2014, and since then, there have been significant efforts to improve on what they had made. Next came the Google Enterprise for Glass 2, which has performed much better. It is made for business, and many global brands are already using it to improve their efficiency.

The best thing about this new piece is that it has exhibited a better performance overall. Built on the Qualcomm XR1 Platform, this pair is even more flexible. It comes with a powerful 8MP camera, a USB-C port, 32 GB memory, and many features that improve its functionality.

2. Vuzix Blade Upgraded

This commercial pair of AR glasses look like an actual pair of sunglasses. It is not easy for anyone to note that they’re technology pieces. The upgraded version of the Vuzix Blade uses waveguide technology to give you HD quality images. There’s still more work to do to make them a decent package.

It comes with an 8MP camera, speakers that enable sound, and a fantastic display that you will enjoy. You also get 4GB of storage that makes it easy to store any files. The battery is decent and will guarantee you up to 4 hours of usage when fully charged.

3. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Bose for audiophiles is one of the biggest brands that has recently started to manufacture smart sunglasses. The Bose Frames is their first piece that looks promising already and looks to get the best results. The most significant selling point for this pair is the built-in audio system that makes them better than many options.

With the audio system, they cease to be sunglasses but a pair of wireless headphones. They also come with multifunctional buttons that make them easy to operate. There’s a microphone that makes communication more accessible and efficient, unlike what many smart glasses offer.

4. Magic Leap 1

This pair of sunglasses is light and feels great on your face. You get a bigger and better view at 50 degrees, making it a better pair than many in the market today. With 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, the Magic Leap 1 gives you the performance you desire in a pair of smart sunglasses.

It also comes enabled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, features that enhance its connectivity. There’s also a USB-C port that makes it easy to charge the device. It has a hand-held controller that makes it even easier to use, with LED lights available to guide you.

5. Toshiba dynaEdge

This feature-rich piece is perfect for anyone who loves Toshiba. The Toshiba dynaEdge is a perfect piece for entrepreneurs by making it easy to communicate within a company. There’s so much you can do with it from taking photos, online calls, streaming and recording videos, etc.

Several operational features make it easy to use. If you’re running a company with employees working remotely, you need modern management technologies. The Toshiba DynaEdges makes it easy to train employees virtually, manage processes remotely and also make inspection easier from anywhere in the world.

6. Epson Moverio BT-300

This pair of sunglasses looks polished and futuristic regarding technology.  The Moverio BT-300 comes with a sharper resolution and also feels comfortable on the face. There’s a front 5MP camera on this pair that makes it easy for you to record or live stream videos. There’s a powerful Intel Atom Quad processor that makes it even better.

Other features that make it worth checking out include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They make connectivity more effortless and more effective. These sunglasses are perfect for business people as they make communication more accessible and more fun. You can also choose the drone version that can help to control your drone.

7. RealWear HMT-1

You get an industrial-grade piece when you go for the RealWear HMT-1. The best thing about this piece is that it is highly durable than many alternatives on this list. It is water-resistant up to 2 meters and is a perfect choice for people working in industries.

It comes with an active noise-cancellation feature that makes it perfect for such environments. It also has a 16MP camera that gives quality pictures and 1080p quality videos. There’s a massive list of features that make it a perfect piece for industrial and use primarily for communication.

8. Raptor AR headset

The Raptor headset is a great option to consider when looking for top-quality smart sunglasses. It comes with great features such as a 13MP camera that gives you quality pictures and videos.  The Raptor headset gives 43 degrees of view and more than enough RAM and internal memory that makes it powerful.

There’re lots of other features that make it function even better. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth top the list of features that boost its performance. It also uses GPS for location and supports both iOS and Android devices. It also projects graphic information on the lens, making it easier to find information when cycling.

9. Lenovo ThinkReality A6

As an entrepreneur looking for better employee training and management, the Lenovo ThinkReality A6 is a worthy investment for every entrepreneur. Lenovo first launched this pair of glasses in 2019, and it came with a host of great features that made it stand out from its competition instantly. 

It has enabled enterprises to deliver the best results in various fields. It comes with an impressive resolution at 1080p HD, giving you the quality of view that you desire when streaming live videos. It also has a 13MP camera that gives you perfect images and a top-quality battery that will last up to 4 hours when fully charged.

10. Snap Spectacles 3

The Snap Spectacles 3 has excellent features that make them a great pair. It has top-quality HD cameras that give you the images that you desire. You also get the power you desire thanks to the powerful processor and generous storage that define this pair of glasses.

You can store as many images or videos as the 4GB internal storage can accommodate. There’re 3D filters and photo effects that make it easier to edit and deliver better images. You can also integrate it with your smartphone, and the photos will sync on your device easily and more efficiently.


Those are some of the best smart glasses you can purchase in 2021. Although these smart glasses have improved the digital landscape greatly, better technology is still to come. But still, the options you have to explore in the industry today have impressive features that will provide lasting solutions in different fields.