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Improve your Pinterest Experience in Any Browser

... tools that make Pinterest even cooler!

Pinterest is a great place to "collect and organize the things you love" (favourite photos or other media content). As a "visual social network", it is a great source of inspiration. Pinterest was first launched in 2010. During last two years became one of the top 10 largest social networks.

How does Pinterest work? Users can upload images and other media content, known as pins, through collections, known as boards. This functionality is performed using a bookmarklet, known as Pin it button.

Additionally, in early March, Pinterest finally launched its own web analytics tool, from where the following measures are available:

  • number of pins, pinners, and repins from your website
  • impressions and reach
  • amount of clicks and visitors to your website from Pinterest
  • how many people repinned your pins
Pinterest analytics

Luckily, there are tools, except the default bookmarklet and analytics tools, that can "take off" the experience of using Pinterest, either you are a common user or an Online Marketing Professional.

Let's see the most important of them.

Browsers extensions

Classic pin button

It is actually the Pinterest bookmarklet, but, as a browser extension, is more convenient to use.




Pin image with right click

Very useful to directly pin a certain image (without browse all images in the page).



I couldn't find similar extensions for Internet Explorer. So, I suppose Explorer users have to use the default bookmarklet.


Pinstamatic seems to be the "Swiss Army knife" for Pinterest. With Pinstamatic you can pin more than just pictures to Pinterest. You can:

  • pin an entire website screenshot
  • pin a quote (just write the text and Pinstamatic will create and pin your quote to Pinterest)
  • pin a sticky note
  • pin a favorite song and its album artwork.
  • pin a Twitter profile
  • pin a calendar date
  • pin a map
  • pin a photo (images from your computer, webcam, Flickr and more)
(click the thumb for full image)

Measure your Pinterest influence

There are many online tools where you can calculate your "Pinterst Influence" (your popularity on Pinterest, the value of your every pin etc). Some of them are:

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