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Dance Sirtaki with Zorba the Greek in your Browser

...and feel the music!

A game designer who signs as Pippin Barr created an amazing internet game, ispired by the famous last scene of the movie by Michael Cacoyannis Zorba the Greek (Sirtaki dance).

After the game has been loaded, the player writes his name in English characters and presses the enter key, then presses I for instructions or Z to start the game.

There is a bar at the bottom of the screen and every time a dart is passing, the player must press the same dart on the keyboard to help Zorba to teach you Sirtaki.

It’s easy to play at first, but as time passing and music speeds up gets more and more difficult.

From creator's blog:

"Dance?! Did you say dance?! Come on, my boy! Together! Let's go! Again! Down! Boss... I have so much to tell you!" Now's your chance to go head to head in a furious Greek dancing contest against Zorba himself!

ZORBA originally comes from an idea Rilla and I had while walking through the Piazza San Marco in Venice. It was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe's FlashBuilder 4.5 and the excellent Flixel library. It uses sound effects I made in bfxr and the music was thieved from a MIDI file that floats around the internet. I used Aria Maestosa extensively in working with the MIDI. The font in ZORBA is Commodore 64 Pixelized by Devin Cook.

You can also enjoy the original:

or, if you prefer, the stunning performance by Andre Rieu (Sirtaki Zorba Dance in Royal Albert Hall)

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