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BigWebStats: Free Detailed Statistics for Any Website

BigWebStats is a new online service, which provides in-depth statistics for any website for free. Besides BigWebStats is free, it is interesting that is not based on a toolbar (as Alexa) or javascript inside the pages (as Google Analytics or Quantcast). BigWebStats is online website analyzer offering detailed statistical reports based on BigScore:

BigWebStats uses its proprietary technology to give a BigScore to every website it reviews. The BigScore is based on a website review of 50 factors ranging from SEO to usability and social buzz. Far more than a number, BigScore is based on hundreds of sources of data which helps us evaluate the quality of a website.

BigWebStats will give you information for any website. You have to wait for a while to gather the relevant information. This is another important feature.

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Statistics include visitors insights, social buzz, SEO basics, SEO on-page, SEO off-page, keyword rankings, domain information, similar websites and technologies used by the website.

Many website tools are also available. Some of them are: Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Domain Availability, Domain Whois Information, Dns Records, Website Worth and Revenue. The last one gives an estimation of Daily Revenue and Website Worth (!)

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Let's select a website. Our choice is the popular technology Blog Digital Inspiration.

Here are the statistics results:

Optimize your web site

Useful SEO advices.

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Estimated Daily Visitors, estimated Daily Pageviews and more.

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Social Buzz

Social Impact to most popular Social media and Recent Tweets.

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SEO basics

Page rank, existence of robots.txt and sitemap.xml and more.

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SEO on page

Title, Description, Meta Keywords etc.

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SEO off page

Indexed Pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Backlink Counter etc.

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Keyword rankings

A smart Keywords Cloud.

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Domain information

Domain 1st Registered, Domain Expiration, Domain Age and more

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Similar sites and Usability

Similar sites and many Usability parameters as Favicon, Load Time.

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Server IP, location and map.

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Technologies used by the website as Google Analytics and more.

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Give it a look! Your comments are welcomed.

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