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About pontikis.net

Thank you for visiting pontikis.net. My name is Christos Pontikis. I am an Internet solutions specialist and the man behind this website.

My Résumé is available here. Here is my Linkedin profile and my about.me page.

pontikis.net is a technology and how-to blog. Web labs is the space where open source projects are presented (demo, docs, tutorials).

The purpose of the site is to review web technology, its business and culture and to provide breaking tech news.

pontikis.net is built with Apache and php and uses a custom blogging engine. Its design is responsive, so it is compatible with many mobile devices.

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Main interests


I am the founder of MediSign, a company specialized in providing web based software in Health Sector. It is active since 1997. Since 2012, MediSign is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Open source

It is difficult to imagine Internet without Open source. Although I am trying to watch all the trends in web software development, my job is mostly based on open source projects. Some of these are: Linux, Debian, Archlinux, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, git, php, jquery.


Knowledge sharing using Blogs is the real backbone of the World Wide Web. Also, check out my Forum, started on 2013 to support people they are interested on my personal software projects.


Software creation is my main interest since 1987. The source is available at Github. They are all open source and released under MIT license. Find more at Labs section.